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    House keeping Service

    House keeping Service ( Sofa Set. Carpet, Glasses Cleaning )

Sr. No.

Labour Detail

Work Details





Premises sweeping & mopping



2 Sweeper (ii) Toilet Cleaning with essential Chemicals    
3 Sweeper (A) Premises sweeping & mopping with appropriate machines    
4 Plumber All corks of the premises as well as other fittings servicing & inspection    
5 Peon Person who can capable of doing all the office work in a appropriate manner    
6 Gardner Person who knows all the details of plants & their behavior    
7 Chemicals Per Labour accessories as well as chemicals for cleaning    
8 Machinery with all accessories Providing all necessary equipment for the project for each labour    
9 Other (1)      
10 Other (2)      

Term & Condition :

    • Annual Maintenance Contract is for the period one year from the date of contract.
    • Inspection & test report of the observer of ACC is final & binding.
    • AMC does not cover any mishandlings but we are surely help you to sort out the problem as soon as possible.
    • Representative should be there on behalf of the party  during preparation of report for clearance signing & after words  any complaint is not acceptable in any case.
    • AMC is been work on contract
    • We will provide fully dressed employee which supply by ACC
    • Other than above labour type we can work out separately
    • Our monthly contract charges are based on working days minus Sundays.
    • Extra working or other labour charges will charged to the party separately.
    • If you have any valuable advice, please pass that to our supervisor only.
    • You have sign daily satisfactory report.
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